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Six Reasons for Inconsistent Colors in Actual Proofing

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Color management software generally includes printer ICC files and printed ICC files. ICC file benchmarks for printers used by different color management software are different, so printer ICC files cannot be universal across software.

The printed ICC file is obtained by measuring the printed color table with a spectrophotometer (different spectrophotometers use different color tables). All color management software can use the same printed ICC file. However, different printing houses use different PS plates, different papers, different inks, different printing machines, different printing conditions, etc., resulting in certain differences in the printed ICC file information. Therefore, in China, printed ICC files are It varies with the printing plant.

6 reasons for inconsistent production colors

After the conversion relationship between the ICC Profile and the printing ICC Profile is established through the digital proofing color management software, from the design idea of the color management software, the matching between the proofing result and the printing result is achieved, that is, the proofing color and the printing color are realized. Consistent. However, in the actual production process, it cannot fully meet all the requirements for consistent color. The reasons are as follows:

1. The color blocks used in the ICC Profile test can only divide the color space to a limited extent. The intermediate transition colors can only be simulated by software calculations. At the same time, the color management software can only control the color of the device through a limited number of points. , So there is no absolute guarantee that there is no chromatic aberration.

2. The spectral characteristics of the proofing ink are inconsistent with the spectral characteristics of the printing ink, and the spectrophotometer only reads the chromaticity value under a standard light source, and this value cannot be guaranteed to be consistent under any light source.

3. There are some differences in the stability and uniformity of the printed samples provided for reference, and the samples will have some color drift.

4. The stability of the proofing system itself, the error of the measuring instrument and the environment will affect the consistency of the color.

5. The same sample also shows inconsistent colors under different lighting conditions, viewing angles, background colors, and other conditions.

6. The subjective feeling of the observer will cause inconsistent color perception.

At present, color management software and specialized ICC production software packages can basically solve the above problems through different approaches (such as curve adjustment and adjustment of individual colors), reduce color errors, and meet different needs of actual production.

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