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VI-Standard color and auxiliary element design

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The standard package is a designated color used to symbolize the characteristics of a company or product. It is a color used for logos, standard fonts, and promotional media. In the overall color plan of enterprise information transmission, it has a clear visual recognition effect, and therefore has the emotional charm to win in market competition.

Enterprise standard colors are scientific, differentiated and systematic. Therefore, in carrying out any design activity and development work, it is necessary to exert the function of color transmission according to various characteristics. The most important thing is to develop a set of procedures for development operations so that planning activities can be carried out smoothly.

The determination of enterprise standard color is based on the overall factors such as the company's business philosophy, organizational structure, and business strategy. The development process of standard colors can be divided into the following four stages:

1. Enterprise color situation investigation stage

The focus of the survey is to analyze the differences between enterprises and competing companies, especially the differences in the use of colors, the relationship between colors and business philosophy, the characteristics of enterprise product colors and consumer evaluations, and the environment and corporate propaganda colors. Situation to facilitate future overall operations.

2. Performance concept stage

3. Color image stage

4. Effect test phase

The standard color design is as simple and bright as possible, expressing the most meaning with the least color, to achieve the purpose of accurately and quickly conveying corporate information. Its design philosophy should show the following characteristics:

1. The standard color design should reflect the company's business philosophy and product characteristics, choose a color suitable for the corporate image, and express the production technology and product content of the enterprise.

2. Highlight the differences between competing companies.

3. Standard color design should be suitable for consumer psychology.

In setting corporate standard colors, in addition to implementing a comprehensive expansion and strengthening its use in order to obtain visual integration effects, it is necessary to formulate strict management methods for management.

Special pattern design

The special pattern is a localized or commemorative concrete pattern that symbolizes the business philosophy, product quality and service spirit of the enterprise. This pattern can be a patterned character, animal, or plant. Choose a meaningful image and design it to give concrete personality to strengthen the corporate character and appeal for product quality.

The special pattern is also called "corporate look". It is an approachable, friendly and lovely shape that creates a strong memory impression and becomes the focal point of the vision to shape the shape symbol of the company's identification, which directly reflects the company's management philosophy and service characteristics. For example, "Uncle McDonald" in front of the McDonald's store, and Grandpa in front of the Kendall Chicken store.

The function of corporate modeling is to understand the characteristics of the product and the corporate philosophy through concrete modeling. Therefore, care must be taken in selecting materials. In setting the shape, it is necessary to consider the religious taboos, customs and habits.

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