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  • The refreshing colors not only remind people of the blue sky, but also give people a sense of tranquility, integrity and consistency. In addition to brand images, blue can also be used for signage. In addition, by combining the shades of blue together, we can also get a very fresh feel. All in all, the deeper the iron blue (..
  • Source: Hundreds of preprints Date: 2008-12-27 16:26:59
  • Graphic designers need to know about printing [ Browse in new window ]
  • I. Pre-press 1. Exposed white / missed white: Most of the printing paper is white. When printing or making plates, the connected colors are not close to each other, exposing the background of the white paper. 2. Whitening: Photo-making process in the era of hanging nets. In order to remedy the lack of light sensitivity of the dark pictures on the Internet, you can remove the original flash once or put a piece of paper to make up the exposure, or directly use the flash lamp to flash white light to increase.
  • Source: Hundreds of preprints Date: 2008-10-15 15:36:45
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