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Copywriting and Appreciation of Advertising on the Left Bank Cafe

[Source: Baina Ben copy columns ] [Author: bad written] [Date: 2009-11-05] [heat: ]
[It's raining for afternoon coffee]

Afternoon in the chat / I walked alone on the Montparnasse road and it suddenly rained / I picked up a taxi

The driver with white hair asked three times / Where am I going to return / Go to ...]

I did n’t expect where I was going / I could n’t tell where I was going

The driver looked at me from the rearview mirror and said / [hide the rain]
I smiled and didn't answer

The rain was getting worse and the driver stopped the car in front of the cafe and asked me to get out of the car and smile / ]
He waved for me to stop paying

Too late to say thank you / Taxi is back in the fleet

Entered the deserted cafe / the four waiters sat around a table and chatted, and immediately got up after seeing me / saying [hidden rain] in unison?

I laughed and wondered how to answer

An unexpected rain in the afternoon made me meet in the afternoon / Five people who read [Mind Reading] drank coffee in the afternoon /

"Interpretation of Copywriting"
"Left Bank Coffee" is a brand under the unified enterprise of Taiwan, and commissioned Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan to conduct advertising planning
Ogilvy ads present a bold and challenging idea
This coffee beverage is shaped into a packaging with a background, a time and a human flavor
This gave birth to the “Left Bank Coffee”, a romantic name that really exists on the banks of the Seine in France.
Subsequently, a series of TV and print ads appeared
The print ad above is a magazine ad for a certain series
The black and white visual style is just right with the copywriting
Completely convey the left bank complex and unique humanistic feelings
[Rain on the Left Bank Cafe]

I like rainy days / nobody in the whole city of Hangzhou in rainy days in October / I am in the left bank cafe

Sit quietly / drink / watch / listen /

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