British style <br /> Tenderness is like water, and the season is like a dream. Romance is still in the floating dream. Here, reality and romance are a thin layer of veil. Gently moving is the sublimation of emotion.

Windsor Love <br /> At night, it's wonderfully breathtaking, and the world is surrounded by stars. You lean on me, I caress you, and the soul returns to where we started again. Once the Shanmeng oath, sweet words, never changed.

Concise feelings <br /> Simple life, remove the hustle and bustle of the world, return to the essence in simplicity. Back in ancient times, body and mind, it was a sincere and naked life.

Golden brilliance <br /> The golden years, engraving the glory of life, is a solemn classic, a respectable splendor, and a dream of success.

Elegant fashion <br /> The blue water and blue sky reflect the horizon. Xiner, under the blue harbour, watch the ebb and flow, rolling red dust, looking for natural colors. In the fresh and elegant, replace the complexity of the world.

Distinguished and elegant <br /> Grapes and wine have produced many beautiful nights, just like the beautiful rhythm, which has released our soul again and again.

Pretty in Pink
Romantic lover seduces youth. Fine wine and beauties are inextricable feelings, lingering in my heart. Looking forward to a trance, never come again.

Classical excellence <br /> Classical things are often condensed in a moment, a paradigm for the pursuit of excellence, and in transcending time and time again, write a history of reminiscent.

A hundred-year wedding is a good marriage. <br /> This is where the dream of life begins. There is one more you and one more me. We accompany each other and witness each other's vow of love before, which makes us slowly grow old in the blend of water and milk.

Love is inexhaustible. <br /> On the silent night, the thoughts grow unbridled, even the stars know my loneliness. Hovering on the edge of dreams, hugging the thoughts, falling asleep peacefully.

Golden Dream / Wisteria Garden <br /> Sweeping the colors of life in purple, the fragrance of years. Xiaoyuan Xiangjing, that is the conversion of the soul, in the United States and China, waking up asleep.

Child Star Account <br /> Childlike heart is an indelible memory, innocent. As a child, we had too many dreams to fulfill, sleeping in a fantasy bed and growing up.

Value-for-money prairie style <br /> The sky is vast, grass and flocks dot the earth. It is the sway of the clouds, the wings of the soul, flying freely.

Mongolia style simple style
In the blue sky, the clouds are blossoming, the green grassland, the fat cattle and sheep. The grassland exudes a scent of fragrance, it is a piece of earth smeared with water, a blue and white dream. The sky was sinking into the vastness, and the thoughts were written to the grassland. On the edge of the dream, everything fell asleep in nature, and the nature whispered.

Mongolian style value model <br /> Lie down on the grassland and untie tiredness. With the blue sky as the back, the earth makes a bed. Ears are the sings of clear water, counting the stars of the sky, letting time witness the old days.

Flashing yurts <br /> The mind burns out in its busyness and is exposed in its silence. Need a reclusive sky cover that wraps that fragile heart. Inadvertently, Sirius' tears fell beside him.

Mongolian style is simple:
You meet in the north, see the desert lonely smoke, and the wilderness. In the sky of the sky, listen to the long hooves of the grassland. Pick up your strings, like a soft silk thread, to weave the April days in your dream.

Rose Story:
Roses are the story of love, and I heard the sound of flowers blooming, with the slightest silence. In the honey words of love, listening to the sweetheart's soft sing, never withering affection, witnessing all the world is old.

Romantic melody:
Years are like songs, and dreams are like dreams. In the gentle style of dreams, we watch a gentle touch. Let the dreamy melody stir up the expectations of life and retain the deep shadows of years.

Western European style:
Meet in Venice, listen to the romantic bagpipes, and sound the love songs of winter. In the graceful tenderness, there are many kinds of love in Western Europe, because of it, we have a soft spot.

Court tenderness:
Honored and luxurious, is a movement written in the court, the petals of memories passing through the heart lake, ripples. Sleeping in the gentle township of floating yarn, a night of quiet dreams, a peaceful night, tenderness is gorgeous.

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