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Public welfare video copy-Jianye Green Home 5 minute promotional copy

[Source: Baina Ben copy columns ] [Author: Unknown] [Date: 2010-03-14] [heat: ]

Public welfare video copy-Jianye Green Home 5 minute promotional copy

★ The first group of shots: opening words <br /> Dubbing:
A ray of sunlight, a bay of water, and a softness, a leisurely life concept, a noble-style real estate legend began-Xinxiang Jianye Green Home.
Jianye Green Home is an exclusive place for the elite.
Picture creativity:
The opening introduction in purely freehand style should have water, blue sky, white clouds, and interplay with the building, reflecting the harmonious human settlement.
Background music:
Open up the atmosphere, soft and flexible voice

★ The second group of lenses: the location of the project and the value of the location <br /> Dubbing:
Jianye Green Home is proud to be located in Xinxiang's "rich area"-an economic and technological development zone. It has 100,000 high-end consumer groups in high-tech zones and residents of hundreds of thousands of mature neighborhoods; Xiongye Chemical Road and Donggan Road Golden Interchange take into account In the main area of the main urban area and high-tech zone, the residents of the area enter and exit the first stop.
The community covers a total area of 180.1 acres, with a total construction area of 133,954 square meters. Phases 1 and 2 have been handed over perfectly. 700 successful people moved in proudly, achieving the first occupancy rate in Xinxiang's high-end community!

Dub Castle:
Jianye • Swan Castle, the perfect ending for Jianye's green home. It is located in the upper and upper reaches of the southwest corner of the community. It is staggered with 4 small high-rise buildings, which surrounds the 6000㎡ Swan Lake water system, and 1000 meters along Zhaoding River. Ecological parks echo each other.
The finale of Jianye's Green Home, the real scene of the existing house

Picture creativity:
The method of expressing the location and location value of the project adopts a method of combining reality and reality; Swan Castle uses as many real-life scenes as possible to fill the picture.
Background music:
Exciting background music and powerful dubbing

★ The third group of shots: community entrance <br /> Dubbing:
Step into the central water system landscape at the entrance of the community. The water system, sketches, pavilions, water pavilions, and boardwalks present one by one in front of you, showing a quiet living atmosphere, and also starting a noble-style residence journey.
The style of the central water system is hydrophilic, close to the water, close to the water, and leisurely. It uses water to interpret the noble top-quality life.
Picture creativity:
This group of lenses does not focus on processing, and mainly plays an excessive role. The lens quickly passes over the four landscape groups connected to Swan Castle, and the actual scene is presented.
Background music:
Soft background music and gentle dubbing

★ The fourth group of lenses: the four landscape groups
(A) Dubbing:
The Swan Lake Scenic Area is surrounded by evergreen trees, shrubs and sloped greenbelts to ensure that "four seasons are evergreen, and three seasons have flowers", which fully takes into account your appreciation needs in different seasons; the green vegetation planted in steps to protect the owner's privacy Sex. The four landscape groups follow the design concept of "hydrophilic, pro-green, pro-nature" to build a chic atmosphere for you in the park and in the scenery for you.
Swan Lake brightly presented

(B) Dubbing after 5 seconds interval:
One of the attractions in Neuschwanstein is the Broad Magnolia Avenue. The 20-year-old adult wide magnolia is lined on both sides of the road. The greenery is green and pleasant. Every time you go home, you will have a faint fragrance scattered throughout your body.
Guangyulan Avenue

(3) Dubbing after 5 seconds interval:
The main color is Chinese black wood grain board stone forming a semi-circular staggered cultural wall. It is enclosed with another semi-circular flower bed to form a romantic Swan Castle square. It contrasts with the water landscape and is beautiful.
Romantic Swan Castle Square, crowned Swan Castle with aristocratic romance.

(4) Dubbing after 5 seconds interval:
The third landscape log pavilion integrates the perfect transition of 6000 square meters of Swan Lake style water system, evergreen trees and shrubs, fountains, boardwalks, and four-level barge forms, ensuring the privacy of the landscape.
The wooden pile bank, the stone bank, the pebble bank, and the schist bank will be pushed closer to the camera one by one.

(5) Dubbing after 5 seconds interval:
Go inward along the pebble walk that is more than 1 meter wide, and extend to the stone on the west side of Swan Lake. The palm forest, metasequoia and adult cedar slope are planted on the west side of the stone, and the sense of hierarchy is clear, and the southern country style immediately appears.
The stone used for the landscape of the stone revetment is taken from the depths of Taihang Mountain. Large and small are stacked together, and the steps are arranged to form a three-stage stone stacked waterfall. Enjoying the fountain in the lake and watching the stepped stone flowing, it feels like a paradise.
Southern style, water jade, Shi Huaizhu (6) Picture creativity:
For all the real-world displays, the lens adjustment is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. At the same time, the camera is zoomed into the details of each landscape. The interval between each dubbing is about 5 seconds. These 5 seconds are used to switch between different real scenes.
Background music:
Aestheticism, along with guzheng or other living concepts that can present a "people walk freely in the landscape".

★ Fifth group of shots: King of Lakeview Tower, underground parking space <br /> Dubbing: Scenery is the lake of the soul, and life is the station of the spirit. King of King of King of Lakeview of Swan Castle, let the soul be parked in the most beautiful place, let the warm and romantic fill every corner of the indoor window, the dream of noble life flows everywhere.
The King of Lakeview Tower shakes the city after an interval of 5 seconds.
One window, one landscape, one story, one large balcony, panoramic bay window, let the home fully integrate into the enjoyment of nature, and start the 365 days of hydrophilic life.
Hujinglou Wang's life details

Voice over after 5 seconds:
The cherry blossom residence in the Wangdong Unit of Lakeview Tower is based on the theme of romantic cherry blossoms. This is the romantic capital of the Central Plains, and it is also an exclusive soul home.
The middle unit is the plum blossom house, the plum blossoms are the moon, the gentleman is the plum, not the mediocrity, the cold winter, but I am open.
The Bauhinia House in the west unit, the Bauhinia blooms, is fortitude and decisiveness, beautiful and calm, which implies the profound meaning of noble life, and treats life calmly and orderly.
The three gates of the King of the Lakeview Tower match the appreciation and aesthetic taste of the gates of the big families with flowers and wealth.

Voice over after 5 seconds:
Private underground garage, drive your car directly into the underground garage, take a Hitachi brand elevator directly to the door, and return to the warm home in a distinguished atmosphere.
Private Car Park Underground King

★ Sixth group of lenses: model room <br /> Dubbing:
The education tells the nobles that life should be worthy of bloodlines and should not be wronged by their own habitat. The three model houses of Jianye • Swan Castle show the nobleness, luxury, and richness, inherit the noble living concept, and connect with the noble blood.
Fenghua Peerless, Respectful, Luxury Model House

Voice over after 5 seconds:
Classical Chinese style, rich in traditional Chinese culture, highlights the unique beauty of the East, and the overall style is simple and modern. The main hall with a width of 5.1 meters can be completely liked with a little glance. The classic but not old-fashioned feeling is best vented here.
Chinese model house real scene

Voiceover after 6 seconds:
Luxurious European style, 315 square meters of "Presidential" duplex space, which reflects the respect and grace of the owner, and embodies the style of the king of the world. The 6-meter-high living room, the third romantic room, the large bedroom, the study, the cloakroom, the bathroom, the audio-visual room, and the starlight terrace will carry the new luxury to the end.
European model house real scene

Dubbing after an interval of 8 seconds:
Simple American style, transplanting the original American life concept, inheriting the temperament of the American nation, and reflecting the ultimate beauty in simplicity. Let modern people fully feel the authentic flavor of American life and show the ultimate romance in simple life.
American model house real scene

★ Seventh group of lenses: Jianye brand <br /> Dubbing:
Jianye Group has been rooted in the Central Plains for 14 years, and has been tenacious and striving for excellence. It adheres to the core values of “rooting the Central Plains and benefiting the people”. For 14 years, Jianye has been committed to improving the quality of Henan ’s human settlements and “changing Henan by living.” In 2002, CCRE launched the provincial development strategy of "downward, deeper and stronger". Today, with the fruitful results of 20 projects in 14 cities, it has truly implemented "Let the people of Henan live in a good house." "Great ideal.

★ Eighth group of shots: epilogue <br /> Dubbing:
Jianye Green Home (in one sentence)
Screen requirements:
Ending with the overall bird's eye view of Jianye's green home, the interval between the sixth group of lenses and the seventh group of lenses should be at least 10 seconds; the dubbing requirements are frustrating and powerful!

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