Copywriting for public welfare video-Jianye Green Home 5 minute video copy

★ The first group of shots: the opening voice: a ray of sunshine, a bay of water, a gentleness, a leisurely life mood, a noble-style real estate legend opened Xinxiang Jianye Green Home. Subtitles: Jianye Green Home, an exclusive place for the elite. Screen creativity: The opening introduction in pure freehand style should have water, blue sky, white clouds, and complement each other with the building.

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Promotion plan for a shopping mall in May Day 2010

Blossoming Mayday, Happy Holidays Theme Series Activity Background Analysis: During the May Day festival, the behavior of various merchants than discounts and sales is worrying, and it seems that on the surface, the booming holiday sales are just consumers. Concentrate yesterday, tomorrow or next month's spending in a few days. In order to guide consumption, stimulate impulse consumption during the festival, and want to be in the May 1st ..

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Meyuefu bath bag copywriting

Therefore, Meiyuefu not only gives you pleasing skin changes, but its healthy skincare claims also make this beautiful transformation process into a feast for the soul. From the heart, follow its call, and never whitewash the peace. Beautiful, moving back to the original nature, you can easily remove the layers of skin load and enjoy the gift of natural essence. The crystal clear pearls in the shell reflect the white and bright ..

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The construction of Fuzhou's English enterprise station fully complies with European and American reading habits. Fuzhou part-time website production

Contact address: Yuanshuai Miao Xincun, Gulou District, Fuzhou City Contact QQ: 34415047 (Verification code: English website) Comprehensive visual website-Baiyin Vision: Studio website: http: // web. cq-xtm.comhttp: //cq-xtm.comhttp: //web.cq-xtm.comhttp: //

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Bedding Picture Book Copywriting

Tenderness is like water, and the season is like a dream. Romance is still in the floating dream. Here, reality and romance are a thin layer of veil. Gently moving is the sublimation of emotion. At night, it's wonderfully breathtaking, and the world is surrounded by stars. You lean on me, I caress you, and the soul returns to where we started again. Once the Shanmeng oath, sweet words, never changed. simple..

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Copywriting and Appreciation of Advertising on the Left Bank Cafe

[Rain for an afternoon coffee] Chat Lai's afternoon / I walked alone on the Montparnasse road and it suddenly rained / I picked up a taxi with white hair and asked the driver three times / Where do I go? Passed / to] I did n’t expect where to go / I could n’t tell the destination driver for a moment and looked at me from the rearview mirror / [Hide the rain] I smiled and did n’t answer The driver got stuck in the coffee as the rain got worse I was asked to get off the car and smiled in front of the museum ..

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Cafe TV Copywriting

TV ad copy: 1. Female monologue: CD is not an original magazine, borrowed jeans, used second-hand jewelry, and fakes. Besides coffee, you ca n’t just put a cup of Cappuccino in Macchirando. Sad, like coffee, you need to slowly taste female monologues: Still unaccustomed to go home before dark at three in the afternoon, I treat it as three in the morning, people who drink coffee in Marchelando are not doing nothing today, I ...

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Anxi Tieguanyin Advertising Copy

Anxi Tieguanyin Advertising Copy

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Photocopy of the 80th anniversary of Xiangyu Baoying Middle School

Baozhong, a place where dreams dance. Xiangyu Education Group Baoying Middle School's 80th anniversary commemorative picture book poetically shows the school's school achievements and cultural heritage since the 80th anniversary. Annual rings / achievements / missions / ideals / friendships A. The design is simple, elegant and simple, reasonably combined with Xiangyu's modern elements, highlighting the open sky and the blue ocean. B. The clues are clear, passionate and elegant. Campus Today ..

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Hourly radio advertisement copywriting

(The crisp bird calls soothes the violin music) 24 hours a day, even if I only have the first 24 minutes. At this moment, my world is full of lake blue, let me feel life intoxicated, feel the sun and moon landscape. (Bee's buzzing sound mixed with accented piano music) (Male voiceover) Once again a new busyness, for me, already used to it. Weak name in fame ..

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