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iPad cash register

[Source: Baina Ben creative section ] [Author: Unknown] [Date: 2011-09-02] [heat: ]

Square's "iPad cash register" application software has opened up a new field of mobile payment business. Using iPad for cash not only eliminates the need for merchants to face complicated and complicated cash registers, but also this way of making full use of the network is more for merchants and consumers Can get more convenience. Recently, an upgraded version of this software was officially launched, and the "digital card package" program specially designed for consumers was officially put into use. This application allows consumers to enter their credit card and other related information into their mobile phones, so that merchants with iPad cash registers can use their mobile phones to pay directly without having to carry a credit card. Consumers not only can use the network to quickly find the location and product information of merchants that support this payment system, they can also easily check the consumption list and shopping history after shopping. At the same time, merchants can also introduce promotional information to regular customers through this system. The upgraded "iPad cash register" version only takes 4 seconds to pay, and transactions under $ 25 no longer need to be signed, which greatly improves payment efficiency. This new type of payment system makes full use of the resource-rich mobile phone network. With this advantage, it will certainly subvert the traditional cash register.

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