Bag umbrella

Creative business cards (on)

IKEA outdoor creative advertising

The safest desk

The safest desk

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iPad cash register

iPad cash register

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iPhone extended game console

For those who like to play games on mobile phones, the iPhone's touch-screen control mode does not seem to fully meet their needs. This iPhone peripheral can help you transform your iPhone into a PSP-like appearance, with convenient button controls so that you who like games will not miss any type of game, and there are no more limitations.

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Mercedes-Benz Biome four-seater supercar concept

The design of the Mercedes-Benz Biome concept car is unlikely to be the blueprint for mass-produced cars. It is purely an outlook on future design concepts, and there is no consideration of mass production.

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Nice guy in sleeping bag chair winter lunch in office

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Morgan EvaGT concept sports car

Once, Morgan's reputation as a hydrogen-powered sports car launched by Morgan. However, in the global automotive industry, many people may not have heard of the Morgan brand. The brand is a British car manufacturer that mainly produces individual sports cars. Its cars attract customers with its retro-looking and hand-made products. Most of its models are wooden frame structures. Recently, Morgan will launch ..

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Carulla's creative ad

Carulla's creative ad

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Personalized business card box design appreciation

Personalized business card box design appreciation

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IKEA outdoor creative advertising

IKEA has always attached great importance to branding and promotion, not only print ads but also video ads and outdoor ads. In all kinds of publicity, there are many classics. Here are some IKEA outdoor creative advertisements, which are very novel and creative. Without IKEA's storage furniture, how messy your kitchen would be at such a bus stop, how difficult it is to remember IKEA ..

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Flying cars Terrafugia

On July 6, 2010, a land-and-air deformation vehicle manufactured by Terrafugia, USA. The U.S. aviation authority has recently turned on a green light to allow this flying new car to be put into commercial production.

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