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This website is a website of Fuzhou Hengyou Information Technology Co., Ltd.

why? Why is it called a hundred books?

Hundreds of books : The term for book publishing is a book that is spelled out with different editions of the same book or is assembled with different versions of a book. This is a metaphorical version of the title. Alas, the original meaning patch. Baiji refers to integrating a complete set of things with sporadic materials. Wang Yin's "Jin Shu" said that "Dong Wei was in the city, so he had to wear clothes to wear clothes. Cai Yan's "Talks on the Tie Wai Mountains" said that "Tang Ji Gong Zhe Shan Qin is a self-gathering spirit, said Bai Baiqin." Cai Junmo's "The Book of Paintings" said that "each word is made of a piece of paper, cut out and arranged, and connected to form a monument, which is called a hundred monuments." This shows that "Baiyu" has the meaning of miscellaneous spelling. Therefore, books printed with different editions of the same book, or assembled with different editions of the same book, are also called "Hundred Books". The book of Baiyi originated from Song Qing in the early Qing Dynasty. He used two Song books and three Yuan books to configure a 80-volume "Historical Records", called "Historical Records". Fu Zengxiang used several Song books to compose a "Zi Zhi Tong Jian", which is called "Bai Zhi Ben Zhi Zhi Jian". The Commercial Press has compiled different editions of history books and assembled a "Twenty-Four History" called "Twenty-Four Hundred History". is an online media and industry interactive information service provider serving the creative design crowd.It features the promotion and dissemination of cutting-edge digital creativity and visual art concepts, and is committed to disseminating design culture, researching design art, exchanging design techniques, and improving the public A professionally designed professional portal with aesthetic consciousness, at the intersection of innovation and stability, discovers new visual languages, new interactive philosophy, and opens up new boundaries in the complex network world composed of people and art.

Baixun's website has always been based on the strong advantages of graphic arts, multimedia arts, web design and combined with huge resources based on photography, industrial art, CG art, illustration art, etc., which has gathered the world's latest design information for Baixun's website. , The most valuable design resources, the most classic design cases; and the most dynamic design elite. The channel channel with unique characteristics also provides everyone with a space for omnipotent cooperation and communication, and realizes the real interactive philosophy that we have been pursuing.

This website is made up of a group of elites with great creativity, technology and business ability. Most of our members have served as design directors or technical directors of design companies, network companies and large listed companies. They have very rich experience in business and commercial operations. At present, the original class has made great efforts to build Baixun's website, and strives to provide the most high-quality and shortcut learning and communication platform for the majority of art lovers and enterprises.

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