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Baibaiben is an online media and industry interactive information service provider serving design creative people. It features the promotion and dissemination of cutting-edge digital creativity and visual art concepts, and is committed to disseminating design culture, researching design art, and communicating design techniques An excellent design professional portal that enhances the public's aesthetic consciousness. At the intersection of innovation and stability, discover new visual languages, new interactive philosophy, and open up new boundaries and vision in the complex network world composed of people and art. New life experience.

Online media dissemination:
As a professional integrated visual arts online media with integrated visual design art communication, learning and display, supplemented by other services; Baiben has a powerful online platform, stable and extensive professional audience resources, professional brand promotion, and event promotion. Best web platform.

Intimate Services:
服务。 Baixun has its own elite design team, which can propose the best design solutions according to the different needs of customers. Now it accepts print advertising, electronic magazines, websites, (especially the construction of large-scale industrial portals) multimedia and other designs service. The company has a professional team of talents who can undertake large-scale professional event planning, execution, public relations, and media purchase.

Bank information:
Bank: Xihong Savings Office, Fujian Branch, China Construction Bank
Account: 4367421823850042313
Account Name: Liao Shangyuan

Bank: Bank of China Fuzhou Branch
Account number: 6013821600601665566
Account Name: Liao Shangyuan

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