Project Overview: Hunan Lianneng Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. was established in February 2005 with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. The company's main business is power transmission and transformation project general contracting and power information software development. The company has undertaken the 110kV transmission line project of Zhuhang Power Station—Zhuxi Substation, Qiancheng-Jingzhou 110kV line project, Hangzhi Hydropower Station—Jingzhou Feishan Substation 110kV transmission line project, Tongshan-Jianghua 110kV line project, Tongwan -Yangtang 110kV line project, Shuangfengxi 110kV line supporting project, Tieshan 110kV substation project, Jiantao Chemical 110kV substation project, Shengtong Science Park 110kV transmission and transformation project, Zhuye 110kV substation project, Dongping 110KV substation project, Construction tasks of Songmutang 110KV substation project. Currently under construction are Liangang 110kV transmission and transformation project and Henggang 110kV substation project.

Design idea: Use iron towers and cables that represent industry attributes to run through the main cases.

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