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Advertising environment characteristics:
As Baizhao's website focuses on the mainstream and most growing digital creative industry topics, it fully covers the active mid- to high-end creative industry professionals, which determines that it has a high-quality advertising environment, including: the core users are Mid-to-high-end professionals and corporate purchase decision-makers have high personal and corporate spending power and meet the needs of professionals. They already have many high-end advertisers in professional digital content creation, software and hardware, digital entertainment, IT digital products and other fields!
Advertising revenue:
Disseminate product information and image penetration among mid- to high-end creative professionals. Establish a leading image in the same industry to enhance brand influence and directly promote product sales.

Advertising quotation: QQ: 34415047
1. Start renting for 1 month, start to advertise after payment and payment are received;
2. Please prepare your own advertising pictures and send them to the email ( ) or leave a message ;
3. This site does not issue invoices for the time being;
4. Advertising space cannot be changed to other locations after renting out;
5. Advertising renewal, please pay three days in advance! Failure to renew the site in time will have the right to book to other companies;
6. Advertising images must pass our review before they can be delivered (such as file size and image quality),
If the advertisement image is in FLASH format, please do not bring sound effects and mouse over automatic pop-up window effects,
The color of the picture should not change too fast.
So as not to affect the viewer's vision;
7. If the advertisement made by the advertiser is false, or someone reports it as a scammer or a scammer company,
If the advertiser is unable to make a valid reply or explanation, this site has the right to remove the advertisement without giving a refund.
8. Advertising content needs to be reviewed!

Enterprises or individuals in the industry or related industries are welcome to sponsor the development of this site through advertising. Hybridbooks will also return to you with more advertising results than you expect!
Homepage Brand Recommendation + Inner Page Advertising = 500 RMB / year

advertisement form:
Homepage image ad: 140 × 41px 1
Inner page: company profile, company qualifications, company main customers, wonderful cases. And other forms of soft advertising. Pagination is no more than 5 pages.

See the format: can also arrange by yourself

Apply now and get one month free advertising space until New Year's Day 2010. It only costs 500 yuan.
Available quarterly, 150 yuan / season

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